Thursday, December 19, 2013

Best practices for reaching out via Mobile

Here are some ideas and Best Practices

  • Be disruptive.. Provide tools. Be visual. Keep it interesting. Word of mouth is extremely important. Be a part of the conversation. Become a friend. Be genuine. Millennials are skeptical of traditional retailer tactics.

  • Value is about shopping smarter. Millennials want to find something of really high quality at a good price. Bring the circular to them. Use seasonal messaging and event tie-ins.

  • Personalization. Millennials are always connected. Make sure the content is intuitive and contextual.

  • Texting. On average Millennials send more than 2,000 texts per month. Be cautious of the type of message and frequency.

  • Mobile Site optimization. Millennials are more likely to search for products and view a brand’s mobile website before making a purchase. A mobile-optimized website has to be fast to load and easy to navigate.

  • Mobile Coupons. Send mobile coupons to the user’s phone, to be scanned and redeemed at the store.


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