Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Facebook a Distant Second to Google in Digital Ad Revenue Share

US Digital Ad Revenue ShareThe eMarketer title to their article talking about the major players in the digital space reads “Mobile Growth Pushes Facebook to Become No. 2 US Digital Ad Seller”.
Now to read that headline one might think that there might be some competition to Google, much like those pesky claims that Bingahoo is making strides agains the Goog in search.
Well, if a picture is worth a thousand words that would be about 994 too many describe the reality of the ‘competition’. All one needs to say “It’s Google by a country mile”.
While there is a prediction of the gap being closed a little but by 2015 it’s still not even a contest. The same can be said for the precious mobile market. Google still has the lead by a wide margin.

US Mobile Ad Revenue
The bottom line is that Google is going to be very tough to beat. In fact, if one wants to be pessimistic it might be best to just call it a no contest. Because really it isn’t.
Do you think these predictions are in line with what you see as the reality of the digital ad space in the next few years?


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