Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Intensive Internet Users Also Intensive Digital Buyers

Digital purchases are increasingly making inroads in Mexico. Roughly one out of every five internet users ages 14 and older in the country will make at least one purchase via any digital channel during 2013. eMarketer estimates 8.9 million internet users in Mexico will be digital buyers, a 20.6% improvement compared to 2012.
Going forward, the number of digital buyers will continue to expand at solid double-digit rates throughout the forecasting period ending in 2017, with 14.8 million people making digital purchases that year.

Mexico’s online avant-garde, however, is further ahead in the usage of the internet for purchases. According to a November 2013 study by The Cocktail Analysis and Instituto Superior para el Desarrollo de Internet (ISDI), 64% of internet users between the ages of 18 and 55, who went online on a daily basis, said they had made one purchase during the 12 months prior to the survey. Bluntly put, the intensive internet users polled for this study were three times as much likely to buy digitally than the typical online consumer.
Digital purchases within those intensive internet users were significantly more common among those ages 35 to 44 (74%), closely followed by the younger adults between 25 and 34 years of age (71%). Socioeconomic status, however, proved to be once again the single most important demographic factor when it comes to digital media uptake and transactions in Mexico. According to The Cocktail Analysis and ISDI, 82% of respondents in the top earning group (A/B) said they had made at least one digital purchase in the year prior to the survey. Meanwhile, only 37% of intensive internet users living in the bottom E, D and D+ households did so.
Travel purchases such as plane tickets, hotel bookings and car rentals, which usually kickstart B2C ecommerce adoption in new markets, were the fourth most mentioned type of purchase, with 21% of respondents. Entertainment (e.g., events and movie tickets, at 28%), another intangible, topped the list of thirteen categories researched by The Cocktail Analysis and ISDI. Electronics (26%) and fashion (22%) came in second and third, respectively, showcasing the relevance digital retail has gained in the country.

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