Saturday, December 14, 2013

Why it's vital to add video to your marketing mix

It’s no secret that video is quickly becoming an essential part of any content strategy, and the 2013 video marketing trends report only serves to concretise this.

This year has been fantastic for video, with the emergence of new, social video platforms like Vine and Instagram video soaring in popularity amongst consumers, making it easy for anyone to create a video and share it.

But why is video so important to marketers?

For starters, all marketers know that they need to be present in the same places as their audience. And, if the rocketing numbers of users on these new social video sites are anything to go by, some of the hottest seats in town can be found there. 

It expands your reach

Being visible on these channels opens your brand up to new audiences and, therefore, new potential customers. Platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo have a staggering amount of users (YouTube has over 1bn unique users and is the second biggest search engine in the world), too, and by not reaching out to them you are cutting yourself off from a huge portion of the internet. 
Video embraces cross-platform marketing, allowing brands to create a sought after integrated approach with their strategy. It thrives on any channel, whether that’s Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, YouTube, or Instagram, because it’s so easily shareable.
In fact, five tweets per second contain a Vine link. That’s hard to ignore. 
Red Bull's YouTube page is a good example here. The website is populated with rich content, including a number of videos of events and extreme sports. So why didn't Red Bull just leave the videos on its own site, in one hub?
Because by creating another equally rich platform of content, the brand is reaching an audience who might not visit its site, but who instead hang out on YouTube searching for videos of crazy sports and adrenalin-based activities. 

It puts you in favour with Google

It’s not just your audience that will appreciate the implementation of video, Google will too. The number one search engine no longer favours static websites. Instead, it places more emphasis on sites that produce consistently fresh, quality content, particularly rich content like video.
These days, sites have to be dynamic and interactive to stand any chance of being heard above the noise. 
It’s true; there’s so much content out there that marketers run the risk of overwhelming potential customers. It’s all well and good churning out regular content, but if it doesn't speak to your audience or resonate with them it’s just adding to the noise. 
In addition, videos are often given preference over image and text results in Google search, which means you could earn a high-ranking spot within your desired search term. Amongst all the text results, your visually alluring video will catch the eye of most users who are scrolling through.
Study Group on Google
For example, here we can see that Study Group's video is ranking on the first page of Google for the competitive search term "study in Dublin", but their actual website is not. It stands out because it is the only visual offering on the page, and the high quality screen shot encourages users to click on it to find out more. 
Think about it this way: which option are you more inclined to choose? 

It’s easily digestible 

Content today needs to be quickly and easily digestible, where the consumer has to put in minimal effort. People are hungry for information, but they don’t want to have to work too hard to get it.
Think about it this way: are you more likely to read a 2,000 word piece to find out the answer to your question, or watch a two minute video that does the same?
More often than not, consumers will choose the latter because all they have to do is click the play button. Not too taxing a task.

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