Friday, January 3, 2014

How can retailers adapt to mobile influenced shoppers?

Graham Charlton wrote in his article 10 inspiring uses of mobile in retail various ways in which stores can capitalise on consumer's increasing mobile dependence.

The most relevant examples to this study would be the use of customer reviews in-store. If there were direct links, perhaps via a QR code, next to the product that took smartphone users to the store’s own ecommerce site where they could find customer reviews, perhaps this would keep the potential customer from wandering elsewhere. 
The ability to pay in-store via a mobile app is hugely convenient. Although for those of us that have wandered for ages around an Apple store looking for a counter to pay, we may need steering in the right direction.

Offering in-store only incentives via mobile, limited time-critical discounts or coupons for example, can drive footfall and retain those who may be prone to showrooming.
Directly competing with ecommerce, in terms of what consumers perceive to be the advantages of online shopping, would also help to bring the online offline: free delivery, price-matching with online stores and click and collect can all add to a richer in-store experience and strengthen the retailer's connection to its own ecommerce site.

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