Thursday, January 2, 2014

Mobile influenced £18bn of retail sales in 2013

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In 2013 the percentage of in-store sales where mobile phones were used as part of the shopping journey stood at 6.8%. This equates to £18bn of sales, a figure 45% up on 2012.
This comes from a recent study by Deloitte Digital, where 2,000 consumers were polled on their smartphone usage in relation to in-store purchasing.
Consumers who used their mobile phones before or during their shopping trip were more likely than the average shopper to make a purchase. Those using a smartphone during a shopping trip were almost twice as likely to make a purchase.
Last year, David Moth looked at Deloitte Digital’s 2012 mobile influence report in which Deloitte revealed that almost half (46%) of UK smartphone owners have used their mobile device to research product information.

2012's report also saw Deloitte predict that around 6% of in-store retail sales will be influenced by smartphone use, an equivalent to £15.2bn of sales per year. As we can see from the 2013 figure, Deloitte were a little conservative in this estimate.
Looking ahead, Deloitte forecasts that mobile influence will rise in line with smartphone ownership,reaching 10%-15% of in-store sales by 2017, representing a possible £27bn-£41bn in sales.
The research also shows that mobile influenced consumers spend more on average.
According to this chart, mobile influenced consumers are more valuable customers. Those that used their mobile phone during a shopping trip spent 61% more than the average. Those who didn’t use their mobile phones spent 10% less.

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