Saturday, January 11, 2014

What 2014 Holds For Mobile Marketing: 5 Predictions

2014 mobile predictions

Key Mobile/Social Statistics

  • Global mobile subscriptions: 6,587.4 million (Informa, 6/13)
  • 1,492 billion global smartphone subscribers, which is 21% penetration of total mobile subscribers; in the U.S., penetration is 58% (Mary Meeker, KPCB 5/12)
  • Mobile traffic as a percentage of global Internet traffic is projected to hit 25% by December of 2014. Note, this is HUGE! (Mary Meeker, KPCB 5/12)
  • 21.8% of total Black Friday 2013 online sales were via mobile — tablets accounting for 14.4% and smartphones 7.2% of the online sales respectively — (TechCrunch, 11/13)


As a quick recap from last year, the five predictions that I put out there were as follows:
  • Apple Passbook Dominates As Mobile Commerce/Location-Aware Platform
  • Facebook’s Mobile Functionality — Nearby, For Starters — Continues To Grow In Importance
  • Mobile Analytics/Measurement Gets A Seat At The Adult Table
  • Location-Based Applications Become Passive/Always On/More Aware
  • Hyper-Local Location Technology — Geofencing And Low-Energy Bluetooth Become Big With Retailers

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