Friday, January 3, 2014

What products are mobile influenced consumers purchasing?

Unsurprisingly it’s the big ticket electrical items that show the largest percentage in customers researching the product on a mobile in-store.

  • Electronic goods/appliances: 79%
  • Sporting goods/games/toys: 75%
  • Furniture/home furnishings: 72%
  • Food/beverages: 55%
  • Health/personal care: 51%
It’s obvious why the most expensive goods are the most heavily researched on a smartphone in-store: they’re a bigger investment that requires a lot more thought and justification. 
It’s also far more convenient to do your store-to-store research on a mobile in one location, rather than traipsing across town to various retail parks in the possibly vain assumption that another store might have your washing machine in stock and that it might be cheaper. 
Consumers aren’t just price-comparing on mobiles. They’re also looking at product reviews for the specific item, and also comparing those reviews to rival manufacturer’s goods.

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