Thursday, February 13, 2014

APAC buck global trends for use of mobile marketing

Mobile marketers in APAC have significantly different goals compared to other regions, according to a report from Millennial Media.

According to its own campaign and platform data from Q3 2013, mobile advertisers globally were primarily seeking to drive site/mobile traffic (34%), sustain an in-market presence (25%) and improve brand awareness (22%).

However in Asia-Pacific the focus was on sustaining an in-market presence (46%). Furthermore, driving site/mobile traffic was cited by just 15% of respondents, though brand awareness rated roughly the same on 18%.

Finally, APAC advertisers gave much more weight to the use of mobile for product launches and releases (17%) than the global average (2%). But they didn't see it as playing a major role in driving registrations (2% vs. 9% globally) or footfall (1% vs. 8% globally).


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