Thursday, February 13, 2014

APAC consumers more open to mobile commerce

Japanese mobile phone keyboard

A survey carried out by SAP found that APAC consumers are more likely to use mobile commerce than the global average.

80% of respondents in the region used their mobile to pay their utility or telecoms bill, compared to the global average of just 50%, while 63% had used their phone to make a bank transfer compared to 52% globally.

Almost half  (42%) of Asia-Pacific respondents said they had used their mobile phone to purchase goods and would continue to do so.

The survey highlighted the fact that online security is still a barrier to adoption, as 54% of people said they would increase their m-commerce transactions when they gained more confidence in mobile security.

A further 57% pointed to improved personal data security as a key driver for increasing adoption of transactions and communications over mobile.

The report is based in part on a survey of 3,288 respondents in China, India, Japan and Australia.


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