Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Determining Real-Time Marketing Success Requires a Robust Measurement System

Real-time marketing (RTM) captured marketers’ attention in 2013. However, questions remain about where real-time techniques fit in a marketing plan, how much money brands should invest in it and whether the results are worth the cost and effort, according to a new eMarketer report, “Measuring the Effectiveness of Real-Time Marketing: Looking Beyond Social Media Metrics.”

Measurement plays an important role in answering those questions and in helping marketers understand the impact RTM will have on key metrics they track—brand health, customer loyalty and sales. In 2014, brands must start to compare the effectiveness of their real-time endeavors with that of more traditional, evergreen types of marketing. They must also look beyond social media data to understand how RTM affects key business metrics.

The path toward measuring RTM success isn’t linear, and these are still early days for figuring it all out. Interviews with brand marketers and agency executives who have been on the leading edge of RTM reveal several guidelines that can help establish a solid measurement infrastructure that goes beyond simple social media metrics.

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