Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Print coupons still preferred by some audiences

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Moms who are the prime purchasers of food for their families at supermarkets prefer to look for coupons in newspapers and store circulars more than search for them online, says a new survey.  

But whether using print or digital offers, an overwhelming majority (89%) is regularly influenced by coupons to buy new food and drink items, according to an exclusive study of 2,200 moms. Womensforum.com, the popular online community, conducted the survey

“Moms are tapping into a variety of sources in order to discover the latest and greatest products to put in their supermarket carts,” said Mark Kaufman, Founder and CEO, Womensforum.com. “Food and beverage marketers can only ignore digital at their peril, since it is clear that a healthy media mix is necessary in order to capture her attention, and ultimately win a coveted spot on her grocery shopping list.”  

Newspapers are the top place to seek coupons (78%), followed by store circulars (65%). Slightly more than half of the moms surveyed (55%) look for coupons online.  

When it comes to what kinds of foodstuffs end up in their carts, coupons prompted the survey respondents to make more new product purchases down the snack food aisle (73%) than elsewhere in the store. But the study shows that coupons still hold a great deal of sway beyond newfangled potato chips and pretzels. Offers heavily inspire moms to buy new products in other categories as well, including:
  • Frozen food (72%) 
  • Cereal (62%)
  • Beverages (57%)
  • Dairy (55%)
  • Breads/bakery (42%).

Moms over 50 are more inclined to purchase a new frozen food item rather than a new snack food.

Hometown supermarket circulars and word-of-mouth (65% vs. 51%) are considered important tools for finding out about the latest products to hit the shelves. And, contributing to the impact of the latter, 33% said they heard about new food and beverage items through their social media circles.

“The power of the coupon hasn’t faded in the digital era, but has taken on new life, as women search for savings across a range of channels,” said Kaufman. “The important role of the coupon in moms’ lives is a cornerstone of Womensforum.com’s own business, as the one of the largest distributors of digital print coupons in the U.S. We generated more than 50 million coupon downloads in 2013 alone, underscoring the numbers in this new study.”

Fielded in December 2013, 2,243 respondents completed this survey. Each participant met the requirements of being a mother who has at least one child still living at home, and primarily does her food shopping at a supermarket. The study was conducted across the Womensforum.com family of sites, which reaches a worldwide audience of over 51 million.


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