Friday, February 14, 2014

Users ‘Like’ Facebook for Social Logins

When logging on to sites with a social network ID, users prefer to enter their Facebook login information. According to Q4 2013 data from Gigya, the majority of social networkers worldwide used their Facebook IDs when using social sign-in. Google+ ranked a distant second (28%), and no other network claimed more than 15% of the total.

With the exception of the media/publishing sector (45%), Facebook boasted the majority of social logins for each industry included in the analysis. Nearly eight in 10 of Gigya’s clients preferred their ID for the social network when signing in to education/nonprofit sites, and more than three-quarters for ecommerce sites.

Q4 2013 research by Janrain painted a similar picture, though it looked at slightly different social networks. The analysis found that 45.1% of social networkers worldwide entered their Facebook IDs when using social sign-in—the highest percentage. With the exception of second-place Google (35.4%), Facebook ruled the rankings.
According to Gigya, Facebook IDs were the most popular for social logins in every region. Around eight in 10 social network users in both Asia-Pacific and Latin America used their Facebook information to sign in to other sites. Three-quarters of users in the Middle East and Africa did the same, as well as 57% in Europe and 47% in North America.
Facebook was also the preferred social network ID for social logins on mobile devices, used by 63% of social networkers worldwide. Google+ ranked a distant second, with one-quarter of the total. Twitter and Yahoo! claimed 6% and 5%, respectively.

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