Friday, February 14, 2014

Why brands need to move to a direct to consumer model

Are you a brand struggling to build or evolve to a direct to consumer model? Are you trying, but failing? Are sales from the digital channel below expectation?  
Or, are you a brand that has not yet made the move to a direct to consumer model, and still unsure if that is a move you should be making?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, this article is written for you.
What is the most common barrier to brands evolving to a direct to consumer model?  Mindset at the top level. The lack of complete buy-in continues to be the primary hurdle.  
Why the emphasis on 'complete'? For brands, even though the transition from traditional models to a new direct to consumer model can and should be gradual the mindset cannot be 'lukewarm' to the notion of change.  
Those brands that are lukewarm or put in a mild attempt are those who do it for the wrong reasons i.e. their competitors are doing it. The brand must be all in or all out.   
It’s important to note, a brand who completely buys into a direct to consumer model is capable of servicing retailers and continue to manage these relationships throughout the change process. 

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