Saturday, March 22, 2014

76% of second-screeners aren't looking for TV-related content

Millward Brown's AdReaction 2014 survey found that TV is still the most popular device among UK ‘multiscreeners’, with people using it for 148 minutes per day. This was closely followed by smartphones at 111 minutes.

Laptops and tablets clocked up 97 minutes and 55 minutes per day respectively.
The rise of multiscreening means that on average people in the UK spend 50 minutes per day using both a TV and a smartphone, so it would seem that there’s a lot of potential to use the second-screen as part of a multichannel ad campaign.

However, the study also found that only a quarter (24%) of the time spent multiscreening involves looking at related content, which the report refers to as ‘meshing’. 

Reasons for meshing

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