Friday, March 28, 2014

How retailers can make the most of Pinterest tools

Pinterest users are showing more passion than Facebook users do, as its content iss shared more often and has a longer shelf life.

Marketers should be adding content such as videos to their pinboards on a regular basis, and Pinterest is rolling out tools that make it easier for brands to showcase their products.
If Facebook is still at the top of your list of social channels for your marketing efforts, you may want to rethink your priorities, or at least make sure that Pinterest has a prominent spot on the list.

Granted, Facebook is still a giant among social networks, with 1bn active users to Pinterest’s 70m. Facebook has also steadily added features that appeal to marketers, such as autoplay videos in news feeds, so brands will still be showcasing themselves on Facebook for a long time to come.
But Pinterest may have the advantage over Facebook in terms of passion. The image-based social network, where users 'pin' content to their walls and then share their pins with other Pinterest users, is still being discovered by marketers as a place to promote brands.
Pinterest is well on the way to dramatically increasing its audience: In October 2013, it received a $225m funding round, and it’s also rapidly gaining followers beyond its American home base.
Beyond audience size, Pinterest has certain elements that make it very appealing to marketers. For instance, content has a much longer life on Pinterest. Content on Facebook becomes old fast – as members’ posts are pushed down the news feed by fresh news, old posts are overlooked.
On Pinterest, content-sharing happens in different ways. Pins are always in circulation, since users can share their pins and rearrange them, keeping content fresh.
A recent study from Piquora found that brands’ pins on Pinterest garner 70% of their clicks in the first two days after they appear, but the last 30% of clicks can happen over the course of the next month.
This is a sure sign that interest in Pinterest content lingers for quite a while after a pin is created.
Videos, which are gaining traction on Pinterest, also have the potential to hold interest longer than they would on Facebook or Twitter, which are driven by news feeds.

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