Tuesday, March 11, 2014

How to Deliver Useful Marketing With Video Resource Microsites

Great marketing strategists bring their products to market by finding creative ways to help their universe of potential buyers solve problems faster, better, or cheaper. It's called utility marketing and it's about delivering interesting content to interested parties, instead of interrupting them in their tracks with pesky ads.
We are bombarded by brand messages and numb to advertisements. Ozgur Alaz illustrated just how difficult it is to break through the noise with this compilation of devastating stats for the traditional marketer. Few people click on ads. The vast majority doesn't even trust them. For a product to get our mindshare, it needs to earn its way.
Last year Jay Baer took utility marketing to the masses with his New York Times best-selling book, Youtility. His book explains how modern marketers should construct a process to continuously provide help and information that will attract buyers. It now seems a marketer's job resembles a training program developer crossed with a strategic communications professional.

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