Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Long-Form Digital Video Ad Views Skyrocket

As the number of consumers watching digital movies and television shows grows, ads during this longer content are seeing success.

Long-form digital video ads—those played during videos that are 20 minutes or longer—experienced tremendous growth in Q4 2013. According to data from FreeWheel, ads served through the company’s network during long-form digital videos jumped 86% year over year in Q4 2013. This was after a 56% increase in Q3 2013 compared with Q3 2012.
Completion rates for ads during long-form digital video content were also higher than those for short-form (0 to 5 minutes) or medium-form (5 to 20 minutes) content. Fifteen-second ads run during long-form content saw a 92% completion rate, compared with 75% for short-form videos and 82% for medium-form ones. Thirty-second ads had a completion rate of 90%.

Long-form video ad views were more popular than short- and medium-form videos on mobile phones and tablets, indicating that consumers are becoming more comfortable watching longer content like movies and TV shows on mobile devices. One-fifth of long-form digital video ad views took place on a tablet, compared with 4% of short- and medium-form views. Mobile phone views were somewhat closer, with such a device claiming 14% of long-form ad views and 12% of views during short- and medium-form content.

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