Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Marketers Use Influencer Marketing to Launch Products, Share Content

Influencer marketing, considered by some to be a buzzword, is proving to be a beneficial relationship for both the marketers doing it and the influencers who participate, according to a January 2014 study by Augure—which defined an influencer as someone who is able to mobilize opinions, creates reactions when talking about a specific topic, has a large audience or base of followers and has a high degree of participation in a conversation on a given subject.

Marketing professionals polled worldwide were most likely to collaborate with influencers when launching products or distributing content, cited by 76% and 57% of respondents, respectively.
No matter the collaboration, influencers’ expectations of brands were clear: They wanted content and information, not tangible items. About three in 10 respondents said they expected brands to provide them with material they could use when producing their own content. A similar percentage cited exclusive and worthwhile information as a reason for such collaboration.

More than four in 10 marketers planned to increase their influencer marketing budget, and based on 2013 data from Altimeter Group, a large chunk of this may go toward social. When asked which social-related programs they intended to spend more money on, one-quarter of US social strategists cited blogger and influencer networks.

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