Saturday, March 29, 2014

What do we get out of brands interacting with each other on Twitter?

What about us little guys, huh?
One of the surprising results of brands adopting social media as a marketing channel is the creation of an unpredictable little corner of Twitter known as ‘that weird thing that happens when brands talk to each other’.
As a child of the 80s and therefore a survivor of the Cola Wars, it feels inexplicable that two corporations would even acknowledge each other’s existence, let alone engage in friendly banter with each other in a public setting.
Bitter rivals, divided by capitalism, hurling rocks at each other from behind the safety of multi-million dollar television ad campaigns is what we’re used to. 
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What the hell is this? A next generation console manufacturer pausing briefly to congratulate its next generation console manufacturing rival? It’s disgusting and wouldn’t happen in my day.
You can almost feel the twisting of Sony's arm and grinding of teeth behind this tweet sent in reply a week later.
Microsoft won the PR war by being the 'better man' first. Especially after Sony's wilfully sarcastic jab in Microsoft's ribs from six months prior.
This brand interaction has also led to another bizarre little trend. An entire category in the recently announced Shorty Awards (as if an awards ceremony devoted to the best celebrities on social media isn’t already a tenuous enough proposition) called Best Use of Social Media by One Brand Responding to Another Brand.
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