Wednesday, April 16, 2014

IAB Rising Stars Ads Outperform Standard Banners

Thanks to their larger size, the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) Rising Stars—more dynamic and engaging rich media and video advertising units for both desktop and mobile—are seeing more success than standard placement sizes. According to data released in March 2014 by PointRoll, clickthrough rates for rising stars were 70% higher than for standard placements, and video completion rates experienced a 19% lift.
Consumers are also spending more time with Rising Stars ad units than they do with standard banner ads. Though interaction rates for Rising Stars were lower than those for standard units, 1.08% vs. 1.98%, brand interaction time was 36% higher for Rising Stars.
An October 2013 study by Vibrant Media, IAB and comScore found even more impressive results for IAB Rising Stars ads on mobile. Here, users were three times more likely to interact with Rising Stars than standard mobile banners, at 8.5% vs. 2.8%.
All of this interaction has led to greater brand and message recall for Rising Stars units. Consumers were 74% more likely to remember the brand displayed on the previous page when it was in a Rising Stars ad, as well as 22% more likely to recall what the actual message was.
Not only do Rising Stars units stay in consumers’ minds—they also help with brand reputation; 37.7% of those who interacted with mobile Rising Stars said the ad improved their impression of the brand, compared with 20.6% who said the same for standard mobile banner ads.

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