Saturday, April 5, 2014

Live Online Video Popular for Business Communications

Live online video is becoming the top choice for business communications, according to Q4 2013 data from Ustream and Wainhouse Research. The study defined live online video as “the integration of video into real-time online events reaching at least 25 viewers simultaneously.”

Among US executives surveyed, 59% said they used live online video for business communications—the No. 1 response. Other technologies, typically related to social media, trailed far behind, with live online video leading second-place LinkedIn invites by nearly double.
While 47% of executives said their online video usage had stayed the same since 2010, nearly the same percentage had increased usage during the timeframe.
Despite the rise of mobile in the business space, live online video usage was still most common on desktops. Out of the 1.12 billion hours spent with live online business video content in 2013, PCs claimed the overwhelming majority, with 77%, or 867.1 million hours. Tablets grabbed a 15% share, with 164.5 million hours, and smartphones accounted for the remaining 8% (91.3 million hours).

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