Wednesday, May 28, 2014

A Closer Look at Data Mechanics and Your Mobile Marketing

Two phones with mobile internet capability dis...
Mobile data is being defined and developed as we speak, so mobile is a great place for marketers to begin to take hold of their own data destiny.
As more marketers begin to add mobile to their communication and customer engagement strategies, the standard questions prevail: who is my audience, and when and where can I reach them?
We tend to start with "who," based on past experience, current customer base, research, or intuition. And, once we believe we have a grip on the "who," we begin to evaluate and ascertain where or how we can reach this audience. Occasionally we jump right to "where," most often because we believe we already know "who" we're going to find when we get there.
But is this the right approach? Are who and where what we're really after? Or is that just a step along the path to what we really want - action and behavior. Isn't our real goal usually prompting or benefiting from a consumer behavior?
While most of us would agree the answer to the last question is yes, this significant and shared belief is nowhere near enough to throw away the decades-long concept that suggests that knowing "who" is still the strongest proxy or predictor for driving the end goal: the behavior.

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