Saturday, May 3, 2014

Facebook ads, off Facebook: The mobile ad network is here

Facebook is now officially in the mobile ad network biz. They call it Facebook’s Audience Network and it’s all about putting third party ads on mobile apps.
Facebook Audience Network
The Audience Network uses the same targeting as regular Facebook ads. Actually, it uses the same everything as regular Facebook ads, all you have to do to include the new mobile option is check another box.  You can create a banner ad, an interstitial, even a native ad if you want to blend in with the scenery.
Rather watch than read? Here’s a nifty video that shows you how it works:Their depiction of the average app user? It’s an interesting choice and so not Facebook. I felt like they were subtly suggesting that the Audience Network is a way to reach people who don’t normally hang out on Facebook. Maybe I’m reading too much into the graphic style but they do say it’s “The power of Facebook ads, off Facebook.”
Which makes me wonder – if an ad isn’t on Facebook, is it a Facebook ad at all? Once you’ve bypassed the profile pages and newsfeeds, these ads are just ads like any other. Will they convert better or worse than any other mobile network (AdMob? Twitter?)


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