Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Marketers Failing Badly on Mobile-Specific Landing Pages, PPC Ad Copy

Most online advertisers know that mobile-specific experiences are important, but less than half engage in mobile practices, and many aren't planning to this year. This is one of the mobile opportunity gaps that Yahoo and Kenshoo teamed up to identify in a recent survey on multi-device advertising strategy.
One of the first steps a brand can take to improve the mobile experience is a mobile-optimized landing page, however, "our studies show that approximately half of all marketers indicated that they did not have mobile-specific landing pages," the report said.

Perhaps the mobile experience lacking is the reason 88 percent of smartphone users and 82 percent of tablet users go back to their PC to continue the shopping process. "When asked to describe the computer shopping experience, consumers used words such as fast, trustworthy, and uncomplicated," the report said.
Because of this, the multi-device experience should be seamless, said the report. "Until retailers can instill more confidence in the mobile purchase process, consumers may be content with doing more retail searching than buying on the mobile web."
Even though there was an almost unanimous consensus on the cross-screen influence of paid search, the report stated that "many marketers still seem to disregard the unique qualities of each device type when it comes to campaign execution. For example, only 15 percent of the respondents indicated that they customize paid search ad copywriting by device."

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