Monday, May 5, 2014

Social Is the Next Great Direct Response Channel

Mobile and social are the most important user trends in our world and as such, are where the next great direct response opportunities are emerging.
1. Targeted Reach at Scale
As we all know, social networks have been primarily working on this component and have been innovative and successful in using their social graph data to deliver effective advertising to high-value audiences. This has been especially true with mobile in-stream advertising, arguably the best ad unit on the planet. And the tools for advertisers, both native to the platform and in the vendor ecosystem, have matured and are fantastic. Just about any marketer today can buy ads against incredibly targeted audiences and run basic to advanced optimization on segment/ad creative combinations.

2. Ability to Tune Offers and Experiences by Segment/Ad Group
Traditionally this work has been done in enterprise content management systems running third-party optimization tools on top of them. But as with everything else, the shift to mobile and social requires a new set of expertise and tools. While some of the traditional desktop tools for managing and optimizing landing experiences have begun to make the transition to mobile, very few have built deep integrations into the social network ad buying technologies and very few of the ad buying tools go deep into landing page tech. This is a shame because it's the combination of segmentation, ad targeting, and tuned landing experiences that unlock the third crucial component - conversion optimization. There are a few vendors with tools and expertise in social mobile conversion today and they are leading the pack. More will soon follow.
3. Robust Conversion Optimization Levers

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