Sunday, June 8, 2014

Asia-Pacific Grabs Largest Twitter User Share Worldwide

Markets in Asia-Pacific are among those driving Twitter user growth worldwide, with Indonesia and India topping this year’s rankings for projected user gains, eMarketer estimates. Those two countries are already the second- and third-largest Twitter markets in the region, after Japan, which both are expected to surpass in absolute numbers over the next couple years.

These top three Twitter markets, taken together, account for the vast majority of users in Asia-Pacific—due in part to the micro blogging service’s blanket ban in China. This year, Japan will account for 26.1% of Twitter users in the region, with nearly one-quarter more in India and 20.5% in Indonesia. eMarketer estimates that Asia-Pacific as a whole will account for more Twitter users worldwide than any other region, even in spite of China’s ban. Nearly one-third of Twitter users globally will call Asia-Pacific home this year, vs. fewer than one-quarter in No. 2 regional market North America.

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