Saturday, June 14, 2014

Brands doubt value of big agencies

Unevolved Brand #95

Brands apparently doubt the value of large agencies due to the results that small agencies can achieve with new digital technologies.

A survey by MyNewsDesk found that 75% of PR, marketing and communications professionals believe brands question the value for money delivered by large agencies.

The research also shows that though one in four respondents (26.02%) believe impartial, independent journalism will die out as a paid profession within 50 years, journalism skills will continue to be attractive to brands. 

Despite the increasing importance being given to the role of data in marketing and communications functions, 47.9% of respondents expect employers will prioritise journalism skills over data analysis skills (26.3%) when recruiting communications employees.

Mynewsdesk consulted 195, marketing and communications professionals from the beginning of May 2014 until the second week of June 2014. 

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