Monday, June 2, 2014

Facebook's overhauled business pages focus on content and mobile

Let’s dig in to the new business page format before it rolls out to the entire network on June 19th. 
If the update reaches you before that date, Facebook will ask if you’d like to switch. Unlike previous updates like the introduction of Timeline, this one won’t require you to massively update your content.
Your header image will still work, as will your apps. However they will be repositioned so may require a little housekeeping. We’ll look at that in a moment. 
First of all, here’s how the new page looks when you are logged in as a page manager:
As you can see, the old management panel has vanished, with analytics, insights and messages neatly arranged along the top.
At first I thought these were drop-downs, but clicking them actually takes you to a new page. Analytics thankfully remain untouched for the moment, saving you the hassle of reorganising your reporting, but messages are arranged in a larger, clearer format:
This makes things much easier for customer service (I’ve blanked out the names in the screenshot to protect the innocent, with the exception of Kwatro Bong, he regularly sends us spam messages and frankly his little smiling face cheers me up no end). 
There’s a larger change over on the right side of the page, with reach figures and notifications bundled together, making it faster to see who has been sharing your content or posting links on your page.
This is a vast improvement, as it was previously easy to forget to switch between ‘highlights’, ‘posts by page’ and ‘posts by others’.
Something else of interest on the right is the ‘Build Audience’ dropdown. Initially I assumed this would take me to an ad panel, and while that option is available, the ‘Import Contacts’ option is more prominently displayed:
This gives you an option to upload an audience of up to 5,000 email contacts. A data-gathering exercise on Facebook’s part, but also something with a lot of potential for spam. Use with extreme caution please. 
Moving down the page, your ‘occupation’ is listed more prominently (We’re currently a Marketing Consultant. We aren’t really, but Publisher/Events Company/Research House/Insight Specialist/Community wasn’t available). Make sure you update this if needed. 

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