Thursday, June 12, 2014

How the top brands use Twitter for social customer care

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Although they may not have been originally set up as such, branded Twitter accounts will always attract customer service enquiries, comments and of course complaints. 
Imagine you’ve been stung by a sudden and unfair rise in your energy bill. You try emailing the energy provider to find out what’s going on. You receive no reply. You spend ages trying to find the relevant telephone number on its website.

You then make the call only to be handed off to multiple customer service agents after waiting in a queue for an enraging amount of time. That is if you’ve phoned within its operating hours.
It used to be that if you wanted to get yourself heard, you had to write a letter. There was an assumption that ‘the man’ considered someone who’d take time to sit down, draft a letter and walk down to the post box as a person who was really hacked off and therefore would end up being much more of a thorn in the company’s side.
Now there’s a new way. A much swifter, more immediate and best of all more public way.
The rise of social media and the need for every brand, ecommerce business and service provider to have a presence on the most popular channels has meant that consumers have a direct line to that business.
Enquiring consumers will see this as an opportunity to communicate with you, especially if other customer service channels are harder to find. 
And if that business still ignores the wronged customer’s enquiry? Well it had better batten down the hatches because there’s a Twitter storm coming its way. 

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