Thursday, June 19, 2014

Making the most of ‘mobile moments’ to transform the customer experience

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There has been a ‘mobile mind shift’ in customers. Customers now expect to get what they want in their immediate context and moments of need.
Increasingly, when they need something, anything, they turn to their mobile device and ask for help: “Do I need to wear a coat today?”, “Who won the French Open?”, “Is my prescription ready?”
The mobile is becoming the customer’s problem-solver, and a shift of this magnitude has dramatically transformed customer expectations.
Rising mobile customer expectations are backed up by our own research which found that 75% of online adults believe there is no reason why a mobile transaction cannot be completed on the first try.
In addition, the research found that customers are intolerant of any faults. If they do encounter problems, 16% admit they would become more likely to buy from a competitor, while 13% would abandon the transaction altogether and try a competitor’s website or app instead.

This surge in customer expectations creates an opportunity for businesses to transform their customer’s perception of their brand, by identifying crucial instants –“mobile moments” – where a customer uses their mobile device to access instant service or information.
And as mobile has such a big impact on customer experience, this should be at the forefront.
So here are three top tips for identifying 'mobile moments' and making the most of them:

1. Identify moments in the customer journey that are best suited to a mobile solution

Understanding how your customers interact with mobile is key to identifying moments where they may prefer to use mobile over web, phone or in-store interaction.

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