Monday, July 14, 2014

Execs to Marketers: Show Me the Metrics

Marketers are feeling the heat when it comes to measuring their efforts. According to a study conducted by VisionEdge Marketing and ITSMA in April 2014, 85% of marketers worldwide said the pressure to measure marketing’s business value and contribution had increased. Just 14% said the level of pressure had stayed the same, and 1% thought it had decreased.

Of course, much of this demand is coming from the top of the organization, and data released in May 2014 by Ifbyphone indicated that many senior professionals expected reports on measurement frequently; 60% of US marketing executives polled said they reported marketing metrics to their CEO and leadership teams at least monthly, up from 55% in 2013. One-quarter of respondents did so weekly, compared with 20% last year.

VisionEdge and ITSMA found that marketers worldwide felt they were doing a good job at proving their effect on business to their leadership teams, with nearly two-thirds agreeing or strongly agreeing with this statement.


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