Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Social Media Marketing Gone Wrong

Unevolved Brand #89
Social media has progressed from the infancy stage, with most companies recognizing that they need to have a social strategy in order to effectively communicate with their customers in this day and age.
Social media can be an effective traffic driver when done well, and can truly alienate your customers when done badly, or when perceived to be done badly. Tales of social screw-ups pop up with disturbing frequency, yet some companies still don't get it.

Social as Brand Voice

To many customers, your social accounts are an extension of your brand. When they have an issue, they no longer pick up their phone and dial an 800 number, followed by a frustratingly long series of buttons that may or may not result in them talking to a real person.
Now your customers pick up their phone and tweet at your account, or they post something to your Facebook page. If they're suitably interested in your brand, they'll follow you and engage with you. So you need to ensure that your social presence has the same voice as your brand.
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