Wednesday, August 13, 2014

10 ways to increase customer engagement in ecommerce

High street stores are getting their mojo back, so what can ecommerce do to engage the consumer?
Here are just 10 features that help to keep customers engaged on ecommerce websites. If you've seen any innovative new features from ecommerce companies, please let us know below.
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1. Clustering

Adding a dose of reality to shopping online is often desirable. What I'm talking about is adding some serendipity and the experience that comes from being in a shop.
Clustering of products that wouldn't necessarily sit together in navigation or in stores is a way of adding a human touch to merchandising. And of course it's about cross-selling, encouraging people to see outfits rather than pieces (when used in apparel).
M&S is probably the most high profile proponent of this approach, as its new website focuses more on fashion than utility.
shop this outfit 

2. 'Content'

Content and commerce often collide, in fact there's an Econsultancy report on where the two meet (Where Content and Commerce Collide). In this instance I'm talking about additional content, as opposed to product descriptions, video etc. The best term might be lifestyle content, or perhaps just content marketing.
There are many examples to hand - from big grocers using recipes on site in order to sell the requisite ingredients, to apparel merchants hosting lookbooks from designers. Schuh goes from product video into product demo, where a merchandiser talks to the consumer about the shoe and how to wear it.
The Watch Gallery has a magazine section on its site where it ties together reviews, videos, editorial and more. This is an important section of the site for a retailer that doesn't have a presence on the high street.
And, slightly more well known, TopShop does a similar online mag titled 'Hitlist' that sits under the 'Inspire me' call-to-action in the header. 
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