Tuesday, August 26, 2014

5 Things the Mobile Sharing Economy Can Teach the Enterprise

The success of companies like Uber shows that there is room in the industry for innovation and growth. What can your business learn from the mobile sharing economy?
riderequest-nycWith the news that Uber just released its own API, it seems as if the mobile sharing economy is poised to make its jump into the mainstream. As it is lending its services to apps that have traditionally been used for chatting, planning, and even hospitality, we'll likely be seeing a lot more Uber integration as we go about our daily lives.
As Uber and the mobile sharing economy continue to grow in popularity, their successes and implications become more intriguing. The fact that Uber and its contemporaries have, in a relatively short amount of time, managed to revolutionize the transportation industry is no small feat.
So what can this latest mobile trend teach the enterprise? As more and more companies attempt to become the "Uber of" their own respective industries, here's a list of five things that every business can learn from the mobile sharing economy.

1. Things Can Always Be More Efficient - and Less Expensive

Steve Jobs once made the assertion that consumers "don't know what they want until you show it to them." While the sentiment doesn't hold true for every business, it's a cornerstone of innovative thought. Before Uber, who knew that there was so much room for growth in the taxi industry?

When Uber came to the scene with its promise of more convenient transportation, it was easy to place the app in the same bucket as any other attempted disruptors: Legitimate concepts whose real-world clout was difficult to predict. But with its success, Uber has shown that things can always be more convenient, a fact that has already picked up tons of steam within its own sphere.

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