Monday, August 11, 2014

Do Your Analytics Make Any Difference?

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Analytics can only effectively change your marketing when the rest of the business buys into their importance - from the chief executive all the way down the line.
Sometimes it can feel that getting value from analytics can be a bit like a weight-loss program (well, mine at least); you can get some good results quite quickly but then you hit a wall and it can be a struggle to keep going. Initial enthusiasm gives way at some point to the dawning realization that it's getting harder and harder to move the needle.

This type of experience can be typical where the drive to create analytical capabilities for the business comes from the "bottom up" rather than from the "top down," i.e. in circumstances where the analytical capability is perhaps being developed in isolation to the context of the rest of the business. Quick wins can be made and low-hanging fruit can be plucked, but after a while the marginal effort required for the same amount of gain gets harder and harder. At that point something needs to change. My own experience from back in the dot-com days is a good example.

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