Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Insights into Home Delivery Business of the Independent Neighbourhood Grocery Store (An AaramShop)

Home Order business is turning out to be very significant for the neighbourhood retailers. With double income families increasing, changing life styles, constraints of Cme that modern families are facing increasingly, parking woes in markets, more and more customers are seeking to use the order from home facility to ease their lives.

And the Neighbourhood Grocers and Chemists (pharmacies) are uniquely placed to be able to leverage the Home Order segment. They are located in close proximity to their customers, they employ low cost means of delivery that are almost impossible to match by big box retail, and they are able to respond with alacrity, faster than anybody in the grocery business, to the customer when she needs her household requirements. 

 We found that Home Orders of the stores are very significant. This of course has significant implications for brands from the following points:

a. How to influence the customer when she is planning her monthly purchase b. How to influence her when she is placing the order
c. How to influence her when she is getting the delivery

We found that 60% of the shops surveyed had more than 40% of their business coming from the Home Orders. Y-axis represents the % of business via home orders. 

This report is part of AaramShop's State of Online Grocery Shopping Report.

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