Sunday, August 24, 2014

Mobile advertising trends across the world

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Marin Software has analysed £500m of ad spend and revealed Brits research purchases and shop on mobile devices more than any other nation. 

  • In the UK, 50% of all paid search ad clicks come from mobile devices, compared to a third across the rest of Europe.
  • Brits are 65% more likely to click through paid ads on mobile devices than on desktops.
  • 37% more click through on Facebook ads in the UK than the US. And 78% more than the Eurozone. 
Interestingly, whereas consumer engagement with ads on most channels falls during the hot weather in the UK, on Facebook, Marin found clicks actually increased.
Advertisers may have failed to spot this trend as CPCs actually fell in July and August 2013.
In the UK, CPCs on smart devices are 42% cheaper than desktop ads and it seems targeting Facebook could pay dividends in the summer holidays.
cpc in the UK and Europe

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