Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Smartphones, tablets or TV: How do we consume media in 2014?

How do we consume media in 2014? And what media? And on which devices?
Ofcom released The Communications Market Report in August 2014 and it's chock full of interesting data and charts on the UK market.
I've previously looked at mobile and tablet usage. Now I'm turning by attention to the broader topic of media uptake, in its various forms.
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Media: more important than sleep

To begin, a shocking graph that shows how media dominates our lives in the UK.
More time is spent on media and communications (8hrs 41mins) than other activities (6hrs 58mins) and indeed sleep (8hr 21mins).
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media use across the day

Smartphones beat TV, but only for 16-24 year olds

Device time for media and communications makes for an interesting chart. Just look at the paltry figures for print.
Other surprising figures include the relatively low usage of tablet when compared to desktop/laptop. This is likely due to professional use of the latter.
TV sets still dominate this chart, with an average of 244 minutes a day consumed by adults. However, looking at just the 16-24 year old segment, smartphones top the list, with a massive 299 minutes per day.
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device use for media

Time spent: the box rules

Much to digest in this chart. Firstly, one can see that the penchant of 16-24 year olds for text communications (23% of time spent) backs up the smartphone use in the chart above.
This age bracket also consumes significantly more than others (14hrs 7mins). Some of this is done concurrently, which explains the 8hr 41min average across adults.
This chart is a good one to see just what a hold the television set has on the public. TV or films on another device takes a small slice of the pie (highest at 5% for 16-24 year olds) compared to the TV set, particularly once middle age sets in.
Whether this changes will be fascinating to see, but signs are that connected games consoles and smart TVs are making the TV set a very important device for streamed media.

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