Friday, August 29, 2014

Storytelling for Brands

Today, content strategists, media, and PR firms like to advise companies to start telling compelling stories as an effective way to truly engage a brand's customer base and to generate more revenue.

Common human condition examples that show up in well-known (written and filmed) stories include: the need to save others from their impending doom, the ability to survive and overcome grave danger to oneself and/or to those that one is closest to, proving that one is truly worthy against overwhelming and unfair odds, resisting the temptation and corrupt rewards that play to one's greed and desires, romantic stories where our protagonist needs to convince Mr.

To place one's brand in a modern cultural and social setting, the savvy digital marketer needs to be much more sensitive to the issues and challenges that we face each and every day, while also knowing what their brand story is really about and how to go about sharing this well in a digital way.

Your brand may want to help enhance a person's financial security, it may be developing its products to be more eco-friendly, it may have ordinary people working in the company who are really dedicated and care immensely about the business and want to share their stories, or it may even want to reach out to a different audience due to ever-changing needs...there are numerous stories out there - you simply need to find them.

The art of using content marketing to tell a compelling brand story is not just about making up a good tale to tell everyone about your company and products.

There is no one magic wand or silver bullet that can change everything in storytelling terms - it is far more likely to be a combination of many smaller stories and initiatives, which feed into a much larger, overarching story with plots and sub-plots, that collectively become the driving force to develop genuine brand engagement and add power to your content strategy as well as your overall marketing.


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