Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Types of Customers

The great thing about experiential marketing is that it allows consumers to become active participants in the marketing effort and a brand gets to interact with the consumer directly, face-to-face.

A new stat says 78% of millennials are more inclined to become part of a brand if they experience the face-to-face interaction of experiential marketing.

There are three challenging experiential customers: the non-loyalist, the independent spirit, and the tastemakers.

The Non-Loyalist is already willing to interact experiential marketing opportunities, the only task left is to display why your brand is the best value, with out a doubt.

Once a brand tries to reach a larger experiential audience, the Independent Spirits have lost interest.

The Independent Spirits pride themselves on being the authority of a brand, so treat them as so.

Experiential marketing is a perfect match for this group of consumers because they thrive on being sought out and sharing involvement in the process.

Independent Spirits have an opinion, cater to that and show them preference to the every-day consumer.

When a company shows that it's initial qualities that bound the Independent Spirit are still in the core of the brand and that you are offering them exclusive experiences as authorities, they will continue to be your die hard fans.

The truth: oftentimes the most innovative and exciting experiential marketing programs come from smaller brands.

Smaller brands start to understand the importance of blurring lines between a product and marketing campaigns.

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