Monday, September 1, 2014

Consumers Spend 15 Hours a Week on Mobile Research and Other Mobile Facts

Today may be Pi Day but here on the internet, we’re celebrating with cake – birthday cake for the web’s 25th. These days, Mr. Internet is getting by with the help of his friends, Mr. Smartphone and Mr. Tablet. When they work together, they’re an unbeatable force that can either make or break an online marketer.
To demonstrate the power of the pairing, we have a nifty infographic from Usablenet. We begin with a wowzer of a fact:
Every year, the number of global mobile devices and connections increases exponentially. In 2013, there were 7 billion connections – equivalent to the world’s population!
And what are people doing with all of those devices? 79% use them for browsing and shopping on websites and apps.
Speaking of apps – ABI Research predicts that mobile app revenue will reach $46 billion by 2016, up from about $8.5 billion in 2011. Get that? In a 5 year span of time we’re going from under $10 billion to almost $50 billion. I want some of that.
Useablenet Mobile 2
Let’s Go Shopping
In June 2013, more than half of all “retail related” time spent online happened on a smartphone or tablet. On average, consumers spend around 15 hours a week on mobile research. Most of that time was spent on apps but not by much.
If you really want to see the impact mobile has on online shopping, just take a look at this past holiday season.
Useablenet Mobile 3
Tablets ruled on both Black Friday and Cyber Monday converting three times better than smartphones. And look at the dollar difference. Tablet orders are consistently higher by about $20 per order. We all know why that is – bigger screen, easier navigation, more comfortable browsing experience.  .  . etc.

We’re not saying that PC shopping is dead. Altogether, mobile only accounted for less than 20% of online sales throughout the holiday season. Or we could be glass half full about it and say, “wow” mobile accounted for almost 20% of online sales in November and December.
You can look at it either way, but you gotta look at it. What will these charts look like when its holiday 2014?  I say traffic from mobile will be up another 10 t0 15%.  Percent of sales from mobile should easily cross the 25% mark. If we’re lucky, we’ll squeeze a few more dollars out of the average order value, too.
Care to make a prediction? How high will mobile go by the end of 2014?


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