Sunday, September 14, 2014

Facebook Is No. 1 for India's Social Networkers

Facebook remains the most popular social network in India, drawing some 58.1 million unique visitors in March 2014, according to comScore. When blogging networks were not counted, LinkedIn was the second most popular social network, with 11.1 million visitors, followed by Twitter (4.2 million), Yahoo Profile (4.1 million), Pinterest (2.1 million) and Tumblr (1.9 million). The usage of orkut, once the most popular social network in the country, plummeted over the past year. 

India is among the markets in which mobile messaging apps have the potential to displace traditional social networking platforms, although their popularity still trails that of chat apps in many Southeast Asian markets. Still, Facebook-owned property WhatsApp told media outlets in April 2014 that it had more than 48 million active users in India, and it was adding new users at a rate of about 4 million per month. Other internationally popular properties, LINE and Viber, are also making inroads in India, although user numbers in the market are difficult to come by. Foreign-based mobile apps also face competition from domestic companies such as Hike, which launched in December 2012 and had about 15 million users as of early 2014—though not all of its users are in India. 


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