Monday, September 22, 2014

In two years, mobile video viewers have increased 400 percent

There’s a very good chance that your customers are watching a video on their smartphone or tablet as we speak. Ooyala says that mobile video views have increased 400% in the last two years, doubling in the last year alone. Right now, 25% of all video views are happening on a mobile device and that number is expected to double again by 2016.
For those who prefer a visual representation, here’s one from the Ooyala Q2 2014 Global Video Index Report:
Ooyala mobile video growth
Look at that! That’s quite a climb.
There are a number of factors that contributed to this pretty picture; devices with bigger screens, more access to fast connection speeds, an increase in the number of videos being uploaded every day and then there’s the young millennial factor.
What are people watching? Most of the time (45%), they’re watching short videos, six minutes or less in length.
For longer videos, those 30-60 minutes in length, most people picked up a tablet or sat down in front of a desktop. For videos over 60 minutes, tablets were by far the most popular choice – unless you include connected TVs
The obvious takeaway from all of this is that the longer the video, the larger the screen. It’s a pure comfort issue.
Cold Weather Watching
If you are a creator of long-form video, there’s good news ahead. Ooyala found that when it’s cold, people watch 29% longer than they do when it’s warm. When it rains, desktop video consumption has been known to rise almost 40%.

Here in Southern California, we’re on our third day of over 100 degree weather so I guess that means long-form video views are down. What’s up? Short video views on the smartphone. It’s the perfect thing for getting our minds off the blazing sun while we’re waiting in line for a coffee. (Why are we always waiting in line for coffee?!)
The takeaway from all of this is that video is booming and if you cover your bases, you’ll be a winner, too. Long-form, short-form, monetized on desktop, mobile and gaming consoles – the more bases you can hit, the better off you’ll be.
And though it’s still scorching out here, it will soon be cold all over the US so get those new videos in the can and line up your video advertising because it’s going to be a record setting rest of the year.

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