Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Majority of Marketers Say 'More' to Brand Awareness Efforts

An outright majority of marketing professionals worldwide plan to increase their spending on brand awareness in the next 12 months, according to research conducted for eMarketer in August 2014 by InsightExpress—compared with just over four in 10 who said they would be spending more on demand generation. 

Nearly 56% of eMarketer Daily Newsletter readers and visitors to eMarketer.com said they would be spending more on branding-related activities over the next year, while another 27.0% would maintain current spending levels. Brand awareness was a higher priority for eMarketer’s audience than demand gen, global business expansion efforts, or spending on events—none of which attracted a majority to increase spending. 

eMarketer Daily readers in Latin America and Asia-Pacific were even more likely than average to say they would increase spending on brand awareness, with 59.0% and 60.6% of respondents planning to do so, respectively. Demand generation also garnered a bare majority in those regions saying they would up spending in the next year. Marketers in Canada were the least likely group to say they would increase branding spending, though even there, 51.1% planned to. Demand generation spending increases were also less likely in Canada than anywhere else, with just 33.7% of responses. Overall, the findings suggest that digital display spending, a major component of online branding activities, has a rosy future as marketers look to increase awareness in the coming 12 months. 


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