Sunday, October 5, 2014

Advertisers use online video despite view-ability concerns

Spending on digital video in Europe has increased by 42% over the past year, with agencies shifting budget from other digital channels to support their video activity.
The survey, conducted by among 175 ad buyers and publishers, found that 48% of agencies have shifted adspend from display, 33% from print, and 10% from search.
However there were still concerns around the ability to properly measure how many people are exposed to video ads online.
Ad viewability emerged as the top concern for more than two-thirds (67%) of European agencies, while ad verification and ad fraud were cited by 57%.
These concerns are fuelled by the fact that the industry is still struggling to come up with an accepted standard for video viewability measurement.
While this problem persists advertisers will be paying to serve ads that will never be viewable to users.

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