Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Marketers are the most likely to increase social retargeting spend

Do you use retargeting? If not, you’re part of a small group of marketers who don’t, based on an August 2014 study by Marin Software. Fully 88% of US marketers polled used retargeting, and the majority of respondents who hadn’t implemented retargeting appeared to have caught on to the trend: 56% were planning to start executing the tactic within 12 months.
Display was the most popular channel for retargeting, used by 81% of marketers. Search came in second, at 77%, while social, mobile and video trailed behind. However, Marin expected spending on social media retargeting to rise thanks to the “premium, high-engagement, cross‐device inventory that’s become increasingly available on Facebook and Twitter.”
Further questioning confirmed this. When asked about how their retargeting budgets would change in the next 12 months, respondents were most likely to plan on increasing social’s share, cited by 67.1%. Search followed at 64.3%, while mobile—always a hot topic—came in third. The majority of marketers also expected to increase their display and video retargeting budgets.

Such increases will happen as marketers expand their very small retargeting budgets. More than half (51%) of respondents put just 10% or less of their marketing dollars toward the tactic, 25% devoted between 11% and 20%, and 15% said retargeting grabbed between 21% and 30% of spending.

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