Friday, October 17, 2014

Search performance trends

Adobe’s Digital Index team has just published their Q3 Digital Advertising report and it includes some interesting insights for advertiser in the lead up to the holidays.

There's plenty in the report. Here's a snapshot.
  • Google CTRs grew 14% YoY; Google CPCs up 4% YoY with continued growth expected in Q4.
  • Google vs. Bing:  25%+ of all browser visits to websites are referred by Google, but Bing is driving higher revenue per visit (RPV) via referrals than Google and major social networks.
  • Google Shopping Ads (formerly PLAs) outperformed other search ad spend, up 34.8% YoY.
  • Mobile traffic continues to drive paid search. 40% of paid search expected to come from smartphones in a year.
  • Macro-economic data, i.e. weather etc. predicted to be the next major factor for maximizing conversion rates. 
  • Facebook algorithmic changes led to a 50% decrease in organic post impressions and a 5% increase in paid impressions.
SEM ad spend
ppc spend by currency
cpc changes in search 

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