Tuesday, November 11, 2014

4 Reasons Brand Advocates Should Focus on Quality Over Quantity


Here are four reasons why brand advocates should post quality over quantity:

1. Don’t Flood Your Followers.

If you follow hundreds of people over numerous social media platforms, you understand by now that much of what you’re reading is just garnish on an empty plate. So be an example by posting only when you know you have something valuable to say and consider how to say it best. If you don’t post every day, you wont be forgotten. But if you post well, you will be appreciated.

2. Build Credibility in Your Subject Field.

Whatever position you hold at your company, from sales to manufacturing to shipping or customer service, you are a specialist. Many of your followers are in different fields than you and benefit greatly from your insider knowledge. It’s an old cliché, but great advice still: write what you know.

3. Gain Influence.

If you are posting sparingly and making each one count, you will quickly gain credibility and influence as someone worth listening to. As a brand advocate, this is of course good news for your company, but it’s also good news for you. Your personal brand’s equity is something you should value. If you are a standout on social media, your bosses may notice and incentivize you to expand your role as brand ambassador.

4. Be Authentic.

It’s important not to sound like a drone whenever you post, but even more so when acting as a brand advocate. A simple way to write in an authentic voice is to first say aloud what you eventually want to write down. Record your voice on your phone and familiarize yourself with your normal cadence. Then clean up any "uh’s" and "you knows" and post with your true voice. If you can represent your company with an honest voice, it lends credibility to the brand as a whole. No matter what subject you write about, an authentic voice is heard over the chatter of the masses.


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