Sunday, November 2, 2014

It’s Time for Brands to Capitalize on News Consumption Trends

As more and more consumers get their news online, and specifically from social media, brands must learn to react in real-time.
TV news? That's a thing of the past. Consumers are going online for current and trending events, and increasingly their first stop is social media.
Pew Research Center reports that 30 percent of consumers now get their news from Facebook. If you consider total audience reach along with social network news consumption, 10 percent of the adult population gets its news from YouTube, with 8 percent sourcing it from Twitter.
Social media deals in a currency of current information, but user demand is shifting from updates about family and friends to national and world news. It's a natural progression. Already consumers younger than 45 the world over get more news online than they do in print, and 37 percent access news on their mobile phones at least once weekly.
This is creating new opportunities for brands to align their content with the news trends consumers seek. Recently, trend-based ad solutions company Taykey released an interesting report on how Q3 2014 campaigns performed in the context of popular events. The Real-Time Trend Report revealed campaigns that ran alongside news and pop culture announcements - such as the launch of LG's smartwatch or a tweet from Star Wars: Episode VII's production company that spoke to the role of the Millennium Falcon in the film - saw an increase in audience engagement of more than 500 percent.

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